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App freezes UI when tick the task
On MAC OS every time we tick a task to be completed, the whole app UI freezes for the time when this info is being sent to your servers. We have the same problems for the whole team.
At this time when I click something else, weird things happens. Due to this problem I accidentality tick other task, move them etc. Some time I don't even know that I have clicked something else ar delete it.

What is your TickTick version?

it's Version: 2.7.01 (76) but this problem is for a few versions now.

We can't seem to reproduce this issue on our side. Could you please make a screen record and send to We will look into it soon.
Any news regarding this issue? We use TickTick for the whole team and the problem still exists. Due to this we are thinking about dropping TickTick.

Have you upgraded to version 290? Still having the same issue?
Yes I had, yes, still having this issue.
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