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Section headings?
Hi, is there a way to create section headings within a task list?

Sorry, we don't support this function at the moment.
Wish to have this feature: section headings
It's now possible?
Something like in Todoist with "Task" + ":"?
This would be a useful feature as I am trying to find a sensible way to mark milestones.
Upvoting this feature, please! Having visual breaks and ability to group is supernice (and Todoist has it! :)

Work around is to create tags that serve as your headings and then sort the list "By Tag"
If you format your task description in Markdown you could hack it. However, you'd lose the ability to individually schedule tasks as well as add tags, priority, etc. since they wouldn't be separate tasks in a list, but rather text in a task description. If your tasks don't require these details, then this could work for you.

I'd also like to vote for the headings feature.

In my mind this is an easy win. You already have a Kanban type view, with "headings". If the Kanban headings could be transposed to be shown in the list view this would give options for those who want headings, make the Kanban view more flexible/ useful and give a very sensible solution for mobile (where Kanban headings are not supported)

Hope this helps,
Same here. I'd really love this feature

Exactly what I am proposing in another thread as well!
+1. As Antonio suggests, its more or less a transposition of the existing Kanban heading feature. The most recent roadmap update suggests Kanban will be coming to mobile, so I hope they can add this feature as well.
+1 FOR ANTONIO'S SUGGESTION. Do you have a roadmap that sets out your planned upgrades? Where people can vote for the priorities/next ones to implement?
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