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Entering a #tag with a date is removing part before tag
I discovered that when a new task is entered in the task-textbox on the top, and it contains a #-word in combination with a *-date entry, that the first part of the new task is removed from the task itself.

For example type in or paste the following text in the New Task textbox:
Entering a #tag with a date is removing part before tag*today

The created task will probably be:
tag with a date is removing part before tag

Can you confirm that this indeed is a problem, and can you investigate an fix this?
I'm using the Chrome 69 version, but I have also seen it is present in the Chrome 68 version.


To keep tags in the task name is not supported at the moment. If you include a tag when creating a new task, it will be removed from the task body and appear in the task detail view. However, we have decided to support a new feature to allow users to choose whether they want to keep/remove the tags from task name.

Date/time info in the task name will be auto parsed into a reminder for you. You could you find the option in Settings - Smart Date Parsing.
Thanks for your response, and your explanation.

What I however do not understand is:
1) Ok, if the tag is removed, however in the problem that I describe, also the part before the tag is being removed. That is clearly a loss of the first part of the task name, and it thus a loss of data, which is a serious problem.

2) The problem I describe is only happening if a Date/Time notation is appended at the end of the task name. If the date/time notation is not used, there is no problem at all. Also when the date/time notation is not used the tag is still part of the task name, and that is not matching what you described.

Can you please investigate the problem again, and fix it?


Sorry for the misunderstanding. Devs have been able to reproduce the bug based on the info you provided. We will have it fixed in the next update. Thank you for letting us know.
Ok. Superb. Thanks for the support!
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