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Pomo notification sound through headphones

I've started to use the pomo timer in TickTick and I cannot get it to behave as I'd like.

I usually use it in a crowded library or study hall, while my Bluetooth headphones are connected. I would like to have a sound come through them when the pomo session is over, so I don't have to keep looking at the phone screen. Having the sound come through the phone speakers is not an option since it would disturb everybody.

Is this something that can be done?

If it's relevant, the phone is a Oneplus One running CyanogenOS 13.1.2, with Android 6.0.1, and I have the premium version of TickTick.

Sorry for the troubles. Could you double check whether the ring volume in your system notification settings is set to loud enough?
Thank you for your reply.

So, the issue is two fold: the ring volume is set to a reasonable level, and when I go in the settings selection screen for the pomo ringtone I can hear it (both through the phone speaker and the headphones) if I tap a ringtone.

So, this would already not be ideal since I do not want it to play through the speaker.

But, the second issue is that when a pomo ends the ringtone doesn't actually play, neither through the speaker nor the headphones. The phone just vibrates and the notification comes up, even though the ring volume is still turned up.

Could you go to Settings - Installed app - TickTick - Notifications - Sound, and see if you've enabled that too?
The menus in my phone end at Settings - Apps - TickTick - Notifications, there isn't a submenu for "Sound".
In the notifications menu everything is enabled.
Did the screen light up when a pomo ends? Did you set up any "Do not disturb" settings in your phone? Could you please pull down in the app, then go to Settings - find Send Feedback and email us (the email will auto collect the erro log)? Our team will look into the issue for you soon.

The screen does light up when a pomo ends, I do not have any 'do not disturb' setting active.
I will do that right now, thank you.
So, on pressing 'send feedback' and selecting Gmail (the only option that appears) I get the error 'Permission denied for the attachment'.

I tried to see whether there were any permissions I could grant TickTick or Gmail to fix this but the permissions they were missing seemed unrelated (Calendar access for gmail, Location and microphone access for TickTick).
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