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Need to unlock phone to add task via Siri
I've been trying to use Siri with TickTick and my iPhone. Whenever I say "Siri, add milk to my TickTick Shopping list" I get the prompt that states "You must unlock your iPhone first" which I then proceed to use my finger print to unlock.

I've looked everywhere and can't find a solution of allowing Siri to add items to my list without unlocking my phone. I was previously an Android user, and adding items to TickTick via voice commands on Android worked seamlessly (no need to unlock phone on Android).
I also am having this issue almost a year later...could the admins provide any guidance on this? I have been updating the app everytime ASAP and still nothing. I can't imagine this is how it's supposed to work because if I am using Siri to add a task its probably because I can't touch my phone at the moment (driving the car mostly).
Same here.
I’m glad to hear it’s not because I am not yet paying for pro, Sue! I thought that might be the case but it seems to be a bug
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