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TickTick win app is available now
TickTick win app is available now

- New dark theme available
- Improved shortcuts
- Right-click a folder and select to add a list under it
- Right-click a smart list and change its show/hide status
- Support uploading MOV files as attachments

TickTick Team
I see that colored emojis are showing up for the list names but not yet for the actual tasks. Hope this will be fixed in the next update
Oh wlz. You're the best developer ever!

I can see you also fixed some of my previous remarks. This looks fabulous. Thank you so much.

A couple of remarks:

1) The emojis replacing the lists' icons are not as sharp as the regular emojis. I don't think this is related to the font size of the emoji (even though in the list they're smaller) because if you look at the emojis in white when sorting by List Name, even though they're not colored, they are also much sharper. Here's a screenshot for your reference:

* You may need to zoom-in in the above to see what I'm talking about. Notice the face is not rounded as much as the original on the right. It seems more like a block. This shouldn't happen considering emojis are font/vector based.

2) I noticed the count number next to smart list is not updating immediately. For example, I changed a task from "Today" to "Tomorrow" by using the NEW shortcut Ctrl+2, but the counter took a few seconds to update. It doesn't happen every time, but this happened a couple of times so maybe you may need to keep an eye on it.

3) In the previous version, the app was freezing to a point where I uninstalled it. This hasn't occurred in this version, so I hope you are aware of the issue and have actually fixed it.
Two updates later ........and still not possible to activate gadget on windows 10 app. And also I need to login every time I start computer, before log in was automatically........please fix it.......I bought this app because of use in window 10 but now..........
Windows App has significant modality issues. On main laptop screen (not external monitor), the App stays in front of all others, and only the TaskMgr can get in front. Also, the App forget's it's last positioning. If it was maximized full-screen previously, it will jump to other screens in a smaller window, but act like it's locked in Maximized mode. So you have to "Restore" the window to un-Max it and then move it back. I appreciate your continuous improvement with new features, and please make this a priority for usability.

Win 10 App Workaround: Right-Click on TickTick icon in System Tray, click on setting for "Cancel on top" or Ctrl+Shift+T. This setting should be ON by default after install/upgrade, and it should be in the App Preferences Menu, not in the system-tray. Maybe there's a technical reason. I'm assuming it's a Java app, and window modality is a little less predictable than Windows.
Might you ever consider supporting HTML or RTF formatting in the Task Description/Details in the right pane? In Outlook I often copy/paste formatted emails with bullets or some small graphics. This feature would help to make this much more universal.
Thank you.
For the last versions the app was not working on my pc. Now it does, so thanks, there was some improvement.

I would like very much to be able to take lots of tasks that are in overdue, select them and put them all in today. This is possible in the web version, but not in windows app, as I would like.
A while back, tick tick posted that the export feature would be added soon. I do not see where I can export folders, lists, tasks. It export available now? Thank you
I would love to see an enhanced reminder feature. Some of my tasks need to be done on a specific day. Instead of setting a task for monthly, where the task falls on the same date each month, I would like to set the reminder for a day. I have a standing meeting the 3rd Wed of each month. In the current app, when I add the task, if the current month, the meeting falls on the 25th of the month, setting repeating task will create a task the 25th of each subsequent month. I would like to have the task repeat on the 3rd Wed of each month. This would be a very useful enhancement.
Will you please implement the trash can soon? I find it bizarre that it hasn't been implemented yet. It's kind of an essential feature, don't you think?
Dark theme very nice!)
Thanks for the updates on dark theme! I love TickTick's regular updates and developments, it's nice to see feedback being taken into consideration.

I have two things I noticed:

1. If I copied a list of tasks from another program (notepad, word, etc.) and pasted them into the Windows TickTick "Add Task" box and hit Enter, there's no prompting for multiple task entries like in the Web TickTick version. Instead all of the tasks are input as one task name.

So if I copied a list like:
Grocery shopping

Instead of coming out as separate entries like on Web TickTick, they become one singular task:

Grocery shopping Read Code

2. On the calendar, it'd be nice if there was a viewing function to order the daily tasks "By Priority" as another option* besides the default "By Date" feature. I have assignments that take higher priority over others, but happen later in the day (an 8 p.m. Exam Time vs. 12 p.m. regular lecture time), and it'd be nice to see the calendar on what tasks stand out in terms of importance when over-viewing the month.

3 weeks of no updates. Wlz must be up to something :-)
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