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Sub task duration time
So... Are we ever going to be able to set duration of subtasks like we do on task? It would be nice to have more control over subtasks.
Not even on the calendar view on chrome can I set the duration of a task. Its sets its default to 30 minutes. Any update on this

Sorry, to support duration for subtasks is not in our plan.

Are you having troubles setting duration for tasks in the calendar view? In the web app? Could you be more specific about the issue?
so I have a task with many sub task and I want to schedule this sub task in my day, but some of this sub tasks take more than 30 minutes to do. So I will like to change the duration of the subtasks so that at a glance I can tell how much a sub task will take me to complete
Agree. Need more features for subtasks as other tasking apps have. Modifiable subtask duration would be super helpful in scheduling a day.
+1 !! and notes in subtasks + 1!!
+1 duration time in subtasks
+1 notes in subtasks
+1 duration
+1 notes
and fix for calendar view - need to refresh page in order to see subtasks moved to different schedule (arrangement).
That's true I can confirm I need to refresh in website to see my changes
It would be very nice if subtask could have the same options and features as regular task: time, duration, effort estimation - pomo, description, etc. Regular task could be a "container' for other tasks.
Subtask should not disappear once marked as completed (useful to analyze week progress). Now it disappears even if Show Completed is selected.

Workaround for refresh - sometimes it work to click "only" Calendar option in left side menu and no need to refresh whole page, but this is the same effort :)
Bro @kamil I was thinking the same about the pomo, would be awesome if we could assign pomos durations to subtasks
+1 (use web app)
+1 duration time in subtasks
+1 notes in subtasks
I am your premium user and I have some suggestions.
Are you thinking about making sub-tasks not disappear when completed?
For me, and for many others I believe, that would be very useful.
E.g. I have a folder called "School", and I have lists such as "Subjects", "Projects", "Happenings" and more all connected to school. Then as tasks in the list "Subjects" i got all of them listed down. Now sub-tasks would be the ones containing all the information about the work i have to do for my classes for these subjects. However, it is hard to keep track of my work because sub-tasks always disappear when done and they do not have the duration option which would be really helpful.
Of course, I can just move everything a step back and make folders called "Subjects", "Projects" and "Happenings" but then i end up having a lot of folders that are not as organised.
I am looking forwards to hearing what do you think about that.
Thank you
+1 for duration in subtasks
This feature is useful if you use the calendar to set up your day, and if you cant set task durations of subtask it messes with your calendar. The default duration for a subtask is 30m on the calendar
+1 that would be a very useful feature.
+1 the same request.
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