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How to mark a task incomplete?
I missed a task and the app is automatically putting it in overdue list. But the nature of the task is that it can be either complete or incomplete. Looks like there is no way i can mark a task as incomplete or suggest how to do that please.
This case gets worsen when the task in repeat mode. Only when the overdue task is marked as complete, the task for the next iteration gets created. This make my tracking gets stuck as i just missed one iteration.
I dont want to move task from one day to other as a workaround for this.

Sorry, to support incompleted tasks is not in our plan.
Ok. How to handle the repeat mode case? Any suggestion other than moving the task to a different time?
Swipe left on a recurring task - Quick date menu - Select "Skip to" to skip the current recurrence or select/long press "Postpone" to reschedule a due date for it.
Looks like you didn’t see my ask ;)
Cant skip a task... So Tick Tick isn't going to let us deal with failure in a healthy manner? Which is to accept and acknowledge over tasking yourself, and try to do better next time? I use this app to put in thing like weekly chores. Sometimes I just don't have enough time to get around to all of the recurring tasks I set. It is unbelievably fricken annoying to not have a skip for those instances. Especially since half the time I delete every occurrence of the task just trying to get all of the past due crap to go away so my inbox is neat. I am extremely not in support for your "we don't support unfinished tasks" method. Alot of people who use apps like this already have to much on their plate and don't need to be beat over the head by a growing backlog. It just adds stress and makes me quit using the app all together because it becomes an unattainable goal. On top of that, I don't see how statistics work when you can't tell the app what you missed. I want my back log to be clean with only the tasks that I actually plan to go back to, but when I delete tasks that I know I won't have time for it skews the statistics. All of this has me strongly considering trying todoist instead. I don't like being forced to use that app the way the dev wants to use it, or in the way they think is most helpful, I want OPTIONS! If that means the ability to skip tasks then let it be so. It should be the accuracy of the statistics that drive me forward. Currently disappointed that I paid for this...
@Chelle D fully agree. I have this app for the fantasic checkbox widget, currently occupying my entire first screen, and much of the real estate of my day. However this decision is nothing but dev laziness. I have no interest in having to go to into the app every time I miss an iteration of a habit, as I entirely expect to do -- that's how I got to 20 or more significant habits a day. Whereas marking tasks as complete just to get current in the list is lying to yourself, the one person who needs to know the truth at all times. Would really appreciate another look at this or unless I can think of another workaround, this app quickly becomes useless to me. Thanks
I am currently defaulting to using this app for only my one time tasks, and grocery shopping lists. I have found way more success with apps like habit hub, or "New Habit" which is what I'm currently using because habit hub doesn't work on the current version of phone I'm on. I highly recommend trying either of those. They have mark complete, Mark incomplete, and statistics that you can view for each habit, or statistics that your can view for everuthing together. I personally like competing with myself for the best statistics, even when it includes documenting failures. The devs of this app could really learn something from the way those apps are designed. The new habit app even has a timer option, so if you set a goal to watch no more than 2 hours of tv, you start the timer when you begin, and if you let the timer go over it automatically marks as incomplete for the day. Some real innovation in the habit tracking market right there. There are way better apps out there. Tick tick helps me organize my one off tasks, but not much else.
Hi. To the developers, please consider adding an incomplete option. Humans make mistakes or get busy and don't always have time to finish every single thing on their calendar on to-do list. There is no responsibility being taught if we are forced to mark the task as complete or having to delete it. Plus, a lot of us really enjoy the statistics on TickTick. But what's the point of stats if they're inaccurate and skewed?

I really love this app. I am forever grateful to you guys for making this and putting it out to the world. However, an "incomplete" option is essential for a to-do list application. Thanks for considering this.
I’ll echo the same that has been mentioned by Chelle. It’s very important for me to see at the end of week how did I performed on those habits/reoccurring tasks. I would further add that there should be some weekly sort of a report to reflect on the week. Please let me know if such a feature exists already.
Thank you
I also agree with Chelle D! Please support need to mark recurring tasks as incomplete for certain days.
I think what everyone is getting at, is that we feel we would be more successful if rather than only a pass or fail, you gave us the option of skipping or marking incomplete, and then gave us really detailed analytics that could track our success against our failure. No one is perfect, and yes we should set reasonable goals that we can complete, but it isn't practical to expect perfection. If you gave us a way to weigh out success against our failure with analytics, we wouldn't have the unreasonable stress of having to aim for perfection right out of the gates, we would just have to beat the analytics of the previous week. This is a process of self discovery. We have to learn how to set reasonable goals. That doesn't come naturally to most people. Naturally as we set better and more achievable goals, our analytics will reflect higher and higher percentages of completion, and we will ultimately achieve the same thing you guys are trying to force all at once by not allowing skips and incomplete markings. I believe that allowing failure, but also setting us up with the analytics to help us challenge ourselves, will lead to less stress, anxiety, and an overall healthier minds as we work towards creating more efficient lives. As someone with clinical depression and anxiety, I get really bad stress and sometimes even panic attacks when I see past due items stacking up. This just isn't a healthy way for people to manage failure when we are trying to push ourselves to maximize productivity.
At this point I will continue to use habit hub for all of my recurring tasks until you offer better options for skipping and marking incomplete. This is the one place where you guys really fall down.
Is there a plan for incomplete tasks?
I just started using this app and it appears the Devs do not plan on adding this functionality. I was very excited using this app until trying to show a task not completed. I do not understand what showing how many tasks are completed when you are only counting them. Would be much nicer to see how well you did each week/month/year of completed vs assigned tasks. Reading this chat it looks like people stating HabitHub is a better option.
Marking a RECURRING Task as Incomplete (instead of being overdue and new one not being created till it is marked as done) is a MUCH NEEDED feature. Please, I am planning on becoming a paying member and also plan on having my 150+ clients become paying members if this feature is added. Right now, unfortunately, I have my clients use other habit apps such as Habitify or Habithub to mark tasks as done/not done to see how well they stick to their goals. Unfortunately, they are not fully functional across diff platforms. This does not allow me to keep in tabs on what they are doing and have to manually create statistic charts for them. This takes way too much time away from my day.

Ticktick does everything I need to except for tracking complete and incomplete recurring tasks =(

I normally do not comment on forums such as these but the Ticktick community it seems really wants this feature. I am adding my voice to this large number of people.

Please, you will be saving so many people's time and making their daily lives more efficient. I know that TickTick really wants to put client satisfaction first.

Please do this.
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