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Widget not possible to run on windows 10
Before to last two upgrades I could run it, but now when I click on icon I don't get option to run widget.

You can right-click the system tray icon to add widgets.
It doesn't give me that option. I can only pin or close.
I just found out that if you right click the icon in the right below corner i lists that option and i just installed the last version, so it's working.

Please update to the latest version and try again.
I reinstalled application, deleted folder, and installed new one. still widgets option is not shown.
Potential user. Is it a separate app for windows? Full functionality?
Add-in for outlook?
If forward mail with attachment does attachment go to task
Two updates later ........and still not possible to activate gadget on windows 10 app. And also I need to login every time I start computer, before log in was automatically........please fix it.......I bought this app because of use in window 10 but now..........

Right-click on the system tray and select to add widgets.
@Bojana Jazbinsek you need right click TickTick icon in right corner (system tray) to add widget . Not in task bar . If possible , you could contact us via email( , then I'll send you screenshot about configuration .
Then you have another issue that icon doesn't show in system tray. I turn it on in system options and still it is not shown on system tray. What now?
@Bojana, maybe it has been hidden . Could you see a expand icon (triangle) in system tray ? Click that icon and check if you could find TickTick ?
I check it. There is no tick icon.
@Bojana, please contact us at We will provide some guide screenshots to you via email.
Email is sent.
I have the same problem trying to add the widget. not able to add the widget from the system tray
Video showing no option to add widget
@Ole Hetland , please ref:
I found the cause of my problem. It was avast sendbox ( It scans applications and if he finds or suspects of danger application it runs it in sendbox. This sendbox prevents a lot options for the application. I checked avast for firewall option but i needed to turn off completely that option to be possible to run application without sendbox. So, if someone have same issue the person should look if antivirus application have this option. Hope this help you.
Hi, Bojana Jazbinsek, thanks for the info :)
i cant got to your files @wiz. you need to give me access
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