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request: List scroll speed
Hello team! I just wanted to know if it's possible to lower the scrolling speed of the task list in the Windows app?

I found that the Windows app's scroll speed is based on the scroll speed settings in Windows. I tried putting it to 1 line at a time, but that makes all of my other scroll events (reading articles online) too slow. And the app still kind of scrolls too fast.

Any way we can slow it down? I end up only seeing the start and end of my lists. :))


Thanks for the feedback. We will evaluate it soon.
I want to know the same. Also, for the Chrome browser based ticktick...sometimes it can scroll faster sometimes slower...what can we do to make change the speed?
I told them the same
using a mouse's scroll wheel is okay since it clicks. it's almost unusable when using a touchpad's scroll (two-finger, or border) function though.

DEVs --- any news on this?

seems like a quick change, touchpad scrolling is unusable.
Any update on this? Still an issue on Windows.
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