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Bug: "Show in Calendar Only" Event gets added to task stream
Steps to recreate:
1. Define a Calendar Subscription and set a calendar to "Show in Calendar Only"
2. In Calendar view, click on an event from the calendar subscription to see details
3. Observe that event (if the event is for today) it is visible in the "Today" list.

If it is applicable to a day in the next 7 days, it shows on an applicable day in the "Next 7 Days list"

4. Observe that event in task list cannot be deleted/modified/etc

The workaround to remove the event from the task list is to go to Settings>Calendar&Mail>Calendar Subscription>Edit>"Confirm">"Done"

We don't support completing/editing subscribed events on the web app. This function will be implemented in the future.
I don't think you understand the bug I am reporting.
I'm not trying to complete or edit a subscribed event.

An event from a calendar that is marked as "Show in Calendar Only" should not be added to the task stream when a user looks at the details of the event in the Calendar view.
Sorry for the misunderstanding. We can't seem to reproduce the issue on our side. Could you please provide the screenshots of the subscribed calendar settings and your task list to Our support team will look into it soon.
What settings would you like? There's really not much to it. The calendar is set how I described.
Just the normal settings page where you set the "Show in Calendar Only" and the task list that shows the events were still there. Thanks for helping us locate the issue.
Upon further investigation, I realized I was seeing it in "Today" instead of a task list.
When I prodded further when I click an event, it get's pulled in on the date it's scheduled (So I can see it in Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 days, etc. Wherever applicable)

The workaround still clears them all.

They are not supposed to show in Today either. Have you sent the screenshots already?
I gave you the exact steps to recreate the issue.
Following those steps, I have recreated the issue in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome on a Mac as well as Firefox and Edge on a Windows Device.
Sending a screenshot seems like pointless busy work.
Did you subscribe via URL or google account? If you have subscribed to several accounts, have you selected "Show in Calendar Only" for all accounts?
It is via my Google account.

I have seven calendars from that account set to "Show in Calendar Only" the other ten calendars I have set to "Hide"
Sorry, but I still can't reproduce this issue on my side. Could you please provide a screen record or some screenshots to Our support will try to help you out soon.
I sent a screen capture
Im having the same issue.
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