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Make sidebar wider/resizable (longer list names)
I use lists for projects (GTD-approach) and I enter the project outcome in the list name - e.g. "New website up ´n running", "Ready for wedding", "House loan restructured". TickTick doesn´t allow many characters for list names. When using the web interface on a 28" 4K-monitor it seems crazy that I can´t allow my lists some more screenspace.

I would suggest to make the sidebar wider when viewing on larger screens. Alternatively, you could make it so the user can resize the width by dragging.
Agreed. Everyone needs this.

Thanks for the feedback. We will evaluate it soon. But have you tried to move your cursor onto the list name at the left sidebar to view list full name?
Hi. Thanks for the tip! I was not aware of that and it is helpful. I still think it should be possible to resize the panes so all your list names are glanceable.
+1 Agreed. Would be very helpful!
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