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Snoozing Mac Alerts
Hi Support team.
can we please have an option to snooze from the MAC version System alerts.
at the moment the only option is Complete, whereas the other apps have various snooze options.

I have to have the iOs and Mac versions open at the same time if I want all of the required capabilities the app has to offer,

I snooze on the iOS app and then have to many close the alert on the Mac (really annoying). Things and other competitors products have been doing this for a long time, and also closing notifications on other apps if one of the apps notifications are actioned.

TickTick is the one I want to continue using overall, but if THINGS starts to support attachments, I'll most likely end up shifting back.

We will support this feature in the future. Thanks.
Thanks for the reply, but do you have a "tentative" timeframe for when that may looked at?
I posted the same request about a year ago and it still seems to be "Sometime in the future"

Thanks for all your support.
It's super mega important function!!!! I use stupid simple built-in MacOS Reminder app only because of Snoozing function and I don't use TickTick on MacOS at all because of that!
We don't need the button Complete, instead, we need a Snooze. And I would put the name of the task instead of the word Reminder because in the second line the font size is too small.
Hi Support team, any update on this?
One idea is to make pop up notifications in TickTick app itself that can be snoozed like Outlook for Mac does
Any update on this? The snooze button is of paramount importance, and this is the reason why I cannot use this as THE to-do list or justify paying for the app.
Indeed. This missing feature makes the app not usable on macOS.
This is a big problem for anyone using the Mac app - even the built-in Reminders app does this. It works just fine on iOS where you can long-press and hit snooze to different time lengths. A drop-down in the notification where you can snooze for some amount of time would be perfect!

It's been almost two years since the comment saying it's in the works, could we please get an update on that? It seems like Apple supports this and it shouldn't be too crazy to implement (
I don't think this is ever happening if they didn't get to it after two years. Every other app has features across platforms. As a new user, I am a little disturbed that the developers don't pick up user suggestions for years at a time.
I think the problem is, that the MacOS notifications only allows two actions. But some other apps do have the ability to choose a secondary action in their preferences. Maybe this should be a solution to get this feature.
It's super-important feature to add! It develops a bad habit of closing notifications and forgetting about them if you don't have ability to snooze them.
I the built-in Calendar app wouldn't have an ability to snooze notifications for events - I would definitely miss a lot of them
Response to a previous commenter
As far as I know, there is also a third action. You may swipe with two fingers to dismiss the notification. So one of the buttons might be released for snoozing button.
Why isn't this feature not available even now?
+1 :)
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