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smart date parsing - adding to list
I would love if I could add to a specific list when adding a task. Example:
"Take out the garbage today 5pm |Personal"
Pipe might be an ok character to use to denote a list. The above text would add a task to "Take out the garbage" and make it due today at 5pm and add it to the Personal list.


Try using ^ with a list name when creating the task. :)
Didn’t work for me. Is it supposed to?
Yes, it's supposed to work perfectly. Could you please provide screenshots to
You're right! It does work on windows. It doesn't look like it works on IOS though. Is there a way to do it in IOS?
Sorry, this shortcut is only available for desktop clients and the web app. Mobile apps are not allowed to use it. There is an option for users to select list on the quick add bar, typing ^ would make it even harder.
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