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TickTick win app is available now
TickTick win app is available now

- Support calendar subscriptions
- Support tag colors
- Support filtering custom smart lists in calendar view
- Other improvements and bug fixes

TickTick Team
You're on a roll lately :). Thanks.
@Richard Thanks :)

Man man man man you ROCKKKKK.

Lovely profile picture :-)
@Wassim Taher o(^-^)o

Couple of bugs:
- Arrange Tasks: If you keep it open, the new tasks you add will not show until you close this panel and re-open "Arrange tasks" again.
- In "Arrange Tasks" panel, "Inbox" doesn't show at the top (shows somewhere in the middle, I think it's ordered alphabetically).
- Lists' emojis at the beginning of the list name are not replacing the default list icon. So the list icon is showing, then the emoji and then the list name.

Can you please figure a way for emojis to show with colors instead of black and white? I know this works fine in Todoist and Microsoft To-Do. Right now it seems weird without colors. This is why I barely use emojis because they don't look nice without colors.

Thanks man. You're the best.
Also, any update on adding the "World Cup" theme? Man, this is the best theme ever. Literally the best theme ever made by TickTick. It's a pity that it's only available on the mobile app. It shouldn't be too hard to add it to Windows, right?
I love this update!

Can we get the option to dismiss specific calendar events? You can do this on Andriod by swiping but not on Windows. I have some all day events that I would like to take out of my lists, but not hide all together.

Also, I would like to request a red theme.
Please bring colored emoji support to Windows
Adding attachments to sub tasks on the Windows application would be great :)
Is there a way to have a Today view in calendar in the app instead of just week / month?
My virusscanner detects a thread. More complaints about this?
Clicked the "Upgrade now" button in de Windows app.
The sync is terrible in the win app :( I still use the web version..
I would like to be able in the Windows app to take all the tasks in overdue, and put them in Today. That is possible in web browser, but not on windows app.
Sometimes I open the browser just to do that...
So I have two problems:

1. As I said, the sync problem. Doesn't work something.
2. In calendar view doesn't work task duplicating with CTRL key. Will you implement that?

version 2.6 doest work on my pc, 2.3 worked. Ive sent a screenshot of 2.6 bug few days ago.

please send me a link to download 2.3

i´m a premium user

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