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Apple watch complication

The Apple Watch Complication doesn’t function properly. It doesn’t update automatically and updates very poorly when I open it. But actually I shouldn’t have to do that. My watch should be able to show the right amount of tasks.
If I open the complication on my watch it takes a long time to synchronise. And most of the times first I have to open the list before it synchronises. And then most of the times when the list is finally updated the number of tasks is incorrect. For example I only have one task left, after the synchronisation, but the number stays put on 14. Like this the complication is useless. What am I doing wrong?

Sorry for the inconvenience. We will look into the issue soon.
Me too
Me too, this issue has been going in for so long I’m considering Things when my subscription is up for renewal next month. Could y’all at least share future plans for the Apple watch app?
Have the same problem on apple watch with number of tasks after sync
Me too. Apple watch app does't for correctly.
Has this been fixed?
Hello guys,

We had fixed the sycn issue on v4.8.0. Could you double check whether you've updated the app and try again?
I have 4.8.10 and my Apple Watch complication just says zero, while the iPhone complication correctly lists 4 tasks.
On the dial or in the app?
Sorry... I mean the badge on the dial says zero. When I open the Watch app it displays task counts correctly within the app itself.
Could you please go back to the dial and see if it got synced?
My apologies, but I did not understand what information the complication conveys. I switched to a different face and saw it said 0/4. Then I realized the other complication says zero because I had not completed any of the tasks for today. When I marked one off it switched to numeral 1 and started to close the ring.

Hi, is this issue fixed cause it doesn't work on my Apple Watch Siri Face, don't see any tasks, TickTick version 4.8.52
They have not solved this problem for years. They should copy the spectacular synchronization between the Apple Watch and the Things app
Mine has been syncing since I upgraded from my ancient Series 0 Apple Watch to an S4 in January, but sometimes I still notice times when it is out of sync.... usually in the morning after I haven't launched the iPhone app since the night before, but I had used another device to make changes (probably not an issue for those who use only iPhone and Apple Watch). Once I open the iPhone app the watch complications and app update as well.

There were a lot of apps that wouldn't sync well with my older watch, so I just stopped using those complications. The complications on the S4 have worked for me, but as you can see from my previous post I misunderstood what one of the complication styles was showing. There are differences between normal face complications, infograph sub-dial, infograph corner, etc.
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