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It won't stay unfolded when selecting tasks online from a list and also disappears. The only way to get it back is to click on the list title itself on the left column.

Sorry for the late reply. We can't seem to reproduce this issue on our side. A new update will become available this week. Please upgrade later and try again. Keep us posted if it helps.
This is only happening on the website, not the app. It is happening on 2 windows pc's and also a chromebook. I use the website as much as I use the app. For example, I have a grocery checklist. most of the grocery items are checked off and greyed out until the following week when I need to add them back to the list for shopping. When I hit "view more" to see all of my items, I then uncheck one. That is when the entire list folds back up and the view more button appears. Very frustrating because then I lose my place on the list and have to scroll down the list again. This happen every time. It's unusable when having to uncheck 50 items or so.
Thanks for the info. Web devs have reproduced this issue on our side. We will have it fixed soon.
That's great, thank you very much!!
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