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Tasks with a Due Time Being Overdue
When a task is supposed to be done at a certain time (ex. 3pm), it gives you the option to reschedule star, or complete the task (or just dismiss it by clicking x, which then makes it easy to forget). It's always so easy to keep rescheduling these tasks for 15 min or 3 hours, that I'm not getting anything done at the right time. I think that Reminders alone can do those functions, and that when a task isn't completed at it's due time, it should just be marked overdue. If somebody still wanted to reschedule it, they can still do it manually anyway, but it won't be as easy to ignore. This will motivate the person to get it done, instead of dismissing it entirely.

Thanks for the feedback. Product team will evaluate it soon.
Please, Please, Please add the ability to see overdue by time in the Mac app.
Turn the date/time or task background red or something.
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