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TickTick win app is available now
TickTick win app is available now

- Batch add/edit tag for existing tasks
- Support hiding tags that have no related tasks
- Support turning off notifications on the desktop app
- Support remembering the last used list at each open
- Other improvements and bug fixes

TickTick Team
I have updated with a great hope that issue with crashing after using ^ * shortcuts was addressed.
But unfortunately, it's still there. I hope you didn't forget about the bug because it's pretty annoying.
Anyway, thank you for the support Windows app.
- Support hiding tags that have no related tasks
Couldn't find this feature in TickTick win app
@Vyacheslav Hi , really sorry for this . I've tried to reproduce this issue but cannot reproduce this in our side . Could you contact us with ? Thanks .
@Роман Беспалов you need set tag list show status to auto in settings .
@wlz Thank you! It helped. Is there the same option in Android app and on the web?
@wlz Hi!
I have already submitted a ticket about the issue to support and have a topic 380474 where your teammate confirmed that the problem exists and not only me encountered it.
Here you are:
I am getting the Failed - Virus detected. I followed the instructions to allow downloads per the windows 10 advice, but still it is not downloading. Can you advise?
I am also getting Windows 10 virus detected by Windows Defender.
Hello guys,

Sorry for the troubles. We have released a new fixed version on our website via . Please download it and try again.
Still getting Virus warnings (Win 10) even though I manually downloaded from the link above
Also getting the Virus Detected warning. I know how to bypass this, but obviously shouldn't have to. Please let us know when you guys have uploaded a new version. Thanks!
Still getting Virus Detected. how to fix?
Not really finished. Misrepresentations on the screen. Parts of the menu displayed incorrectly. Move not possible. As Long as that does not work better I will prefer the browser Version.
Just have updated to version and now the app doesn't crash while trying to filter lists with ^ shortcut.
Thank you very much! Now I'm not doubting to buy a yearly subscription instead monthly:)
@Vyacheslav how did you download it? the website still makes me download and the app won't update to any idea?
@tbergeron I'm not sure how I did that)
On one of my laptops it's notified me about update and updated to But on the other one I downloaded manually from the site and now it
Maybe support could suggest how it could be achieved)
tick_win_setup_release_2451 is been blocked by windows, If I choose "to run anyway" then Panda Antivirus just uninstall it automatically.
Is there any available solution?
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