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New web Pomo Timer!
Just wanted to thank you for releasing Pomo Timer for Web App. What a surprise!

Since this is a pinned post:

You should be notified about this new feature upon visiting as a logged in user. You can manually enable it or disable it in Settings - Labs - Pomo Timer.

Settings for Pomo Timer can be found in your Pomo Timer widget. Just click on that cute tomato with cogwheel.
Thanks for pointing it out, Richard.
good !!!
Thanks @Richard for the timely post. :)
Thank you
Hi, this is great, could there be an option to expand the pomo so that its just one big screen with the timer, and thus hiding all the tasks so that we can focus :)
It will be great to pause timer, not only start and stop.
the original concept of pomodoro, the pause is not allowed.
True, the whole point of Pomodoro Technique is to set a timer to a task and work on it until the timer rings. Pause option simply doesn't make sense, @yaalmov.
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Pl. Help
Great! Finally ! :D
how do you use it?
Pomo Timer is based on Pomodoro Technique. You can learn more here :
Modify the software so that I can turn off the Pomodoro functionality!
You can turn it off. Go to Settings-Labs.
I would like a system solution. And in the mobile application too.
On mobile you can turn it off in Settings-Pomo Timer.
Cool! Thank you, Richard!
When you complete task the Promo timer does not stop, meaning you can't stop it and move to the next task with another timer.

Without this feature is kind of useless.

However, Promo timer is good idea. Good luck.
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