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More filtering options in Web Search and Smart LIsts
Would be great to have the ability to indicate 'AND' / 'OR' condition in Web search for Tags filter. Sometimes you need to search for task that has tag1 AND tag2. For now, if I select tag1 and tag2 I will have all the tasks that contain tag1 OR tag2. So, I can't find what I need, it's a mess.

It also should display the number of found results in Web Search and overall number of completed and uncompleted tasks in Smart Lists. That is vital for statistics purposes.

Smart Lists: Would be great to have the ability to indicate a custom date range in date filter. 'from', 'due'. One more thing is to have the 'completed' attribute in filters to indicate whether it should be a completed task or nor.

P.S - and for all filters in Smart Lists and Web Search would be very handy to have the negotiation mark (! or 'NOT') for all filters in order to have the ability to set 'not contains tag1' as a filter for Smart List or a Search request for Web Search.


Thanks for the feedback. Will let the product team know about it soon.
This would be really useful
I was trying to do exactly this today only to find out this was not supported. Like the commenters above, I agree this would be an incredibly helpful feature!
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