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How i can get russian version of tick tick
Hi dear tick tick team,
On this video
this guy use russian versiong of tick tick
How i can get russian version?
Login via your web app ( - click on your avatar - Settings - Preferences - Language - Pусский.
Nothing changed when switch to Russian and save ("Done")
It works, I just tried it. Try to clear your cache in web browser.
It's change in browser version, but in mac os application it is not changed.
Получилось поменять в веб версии, но в мак версии не меняется.
Там три варианта выбора языка англ китайский и язык системы.
У меня стоит язык системы русский. Все равно программа не русифицируется.
It means that Mac version isn't translated to Russian. Translations are done on voluntary basis.
We are working on an online translation platform now. Please be patient for a bit longer.

When will Russian language appear on mac?
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