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Bugs in Date Parsing

There are multiple issues with date parsing across platforms.
On windows ( "<month> <date> <time_of_day>" such as "July 15 evening" leads to the date not being recognized at all. This is a major issue because I can no longer trust TickTick to notify me at the right time for a particular task!!

This issue does not exist on the web version and android. However, each of these interpret the "evening" tag differently, one doing 17:00 and the other doing 20:00. Could we please make these consistent across platforms?

We will look into it and try to fix it asap.

Has there been any progress on this ? I still see inconsitencies between the Windows version ( and Web version with regards to what time 'morning', 'evening' etc are mapped to. One of them maps morning to 7am and the other to 9am.
Also, the windows version still interprets <date><time_of_day> as time-of-day today, ignoring the date completely. While the web version works fine. For instance 'Jan 30 evening' has the wrong behaviour on windows. This is really a critical bug because as mentioned before, I can't trust TickTick to log my due dates correctly.
Sorry for the wait. We will have it fixed in the next update.
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