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Nested lists and folders
Hi there,

Absolutely love the service but I cannot live without nested folders.

Before I cancel my sub, is there a beta version with nesting in it?

Alternatively, do you plan to integrate workspaces? The main reason for the above is high level organization into things like "Personal", "Family" and "Business", etc.

Sorry, folder is the highest sorting level in TickTick. We have no plan to develop a nested folder function.
One level for tasks is a bit limiting and doesn't give the user enough flexibility. I tend to save links using the Chrome extension in order to research various topics but I don't want to create a whole project just for one topic. I would prefer to create a parent task within a larger project for that task and then to be able to nest saved links I clip into TickTick for that parent task. Especially since I can't save links to a tasks notes section or to the checklist section.

In my opinion, you guys are limiting your app by limiting the project and task structure.

I agree with Joel, it's really limiting to just have one level for tasks. Please consider revisiting this.
Nested List: While creating a list, there is an option to select a folder. Likewise, if you can provide another dropdown with the existing list, that would help to enable the Nested view.
+1. TickTick definitely requires nested folder or list for effective project management since the subtasks are not full-fledged tasks where one can assign priorities, tags..
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