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Creating/Duplicating Recurrent Tasks For Days

I am new to TickTick. I simply want to create tasks that are on the same times and have the same names, and are recurring throughout say monday-friday, throughout the entire month.

How do I do this, without going in manually into each day and adding the tasks? I want to create a schedule simply to follow, and not have to go into each of the 30 days manually typing in the same things, and choosing the finish times over and over and over.


Task settings page - repeat - every weekday.
Perfect, thanks! :)

If i have a recurring task on Monday and Friday of every week. Can i discard or skip the monday ocurrence to move (date and hour) the friday ocurrence separately?

To mark a ocurrence to "completed" forces to mark the previous ocurrence to "completed"?

Thank you.
For mobile apps, swipe on a repeat task - quick add menu - skip to. It won't affect the future occurrences as well.
i don't find the "quick add menú - skip to" ? where is it? i use the Android app..
Left swipe on a recurring task - yellow button (we call it quick add menu) - skip to. :)
i find it !!!
thanks you! :-)
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