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Suggestion: Task Templates
Hi! I have tasks that have the same steps each time. I'd love a way to set up templates so that when I get tasked with one of these, I can easily load them in and start working my way through the process. I use lists on my computer now, but I am not always at my computer when I catch one of these tasks.

I also want templates.

Sorry, to support this function is not in our plan. You may try the task duplication function.
This is actually what I do. I have a "project" that contains tasks that act as templates so I copy from there. You guys need to implement a feature that will allow us to turn tasks into list items though so we can be sure we don't accidentally check off these tasks. The nice thing about TickTick is that completed tasks can easily be retrieved but Melissa's idea is the best way to go in doing this IMO.

Hello oilexxxi, where is the task duplication function on both Web and Android versions?

Settings - Labs - Task Duplication.

I don't think this feature is available on Android.
While I don't think task duplication quite solves what I am looking for, I am willing to consider it.

I as well do not see how to do task duplication, nor was I able to find instructions in the help center. (Android & Web user).
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