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Tags on Android App

After implementation of the new tag system (which is very useful in web version) tags on mobile become completely unusable from the user experience point of view. See, added tag is removed from the title of the task. In web version that is ok – you can see tags in line. In android app you need to tap the task to see tags.

Previously it was useful to see tags in titles — I could easily identify all my subprojects. Today I have to create different lists to do the same.

My list of tasks becomes a little bit messier. May be you should return tag visualization in line with title?

You may enable "show details" in the list view and that shall help with your case.

I don't like to enable "show details" on Android because I love all tasks to be same height otherwise it gives the impression that I have more to do.

You should show tags like Todoist, right underneath the task title.
I can't delete unwanted tags in Version 4.4.02
oilexxxi, that's great, thank you.

But what about widgets?
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