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Custom reminder problem
It is sad that there is no search here. Maybe someone already asked that.

My problem is this. I set a task for say a meeting at 13:00. Then I configure reminder. I want to be reminded not when the meeting starts, but one hour before (i.e. at 12:00) and in the evening of the previous day. So that I could plan my day. Seems logical, right?

So I set task time at 13:00. Then I go to reminder. By default On time is selected. Which is ok for me with most tasks, but not this time. So I deselect it. Then I tick - 1 hour before. Then I add a Custom reminder - 17 hours (which means 20:00 previous day). All set - save.

What happens then. And here comes the problem. When 20:00 comes a reminder pops up. That's good. Thank you. But if I then tap Complete, then the task is marked complete, and no reminder will be shown at 12:00 of the next day. Ok, knowing that I don't want to tap Complete, and just dismiss the reminder window with close button. Then an icon stays in the top area and in the pulldown menu. Which I is not good either.

So I don't see any way how to make two reminders work and be useful. This is sad, because I highly value this feature in the app.

You don't have to tick the task off when the notification shows, just click x to close it.
Yes, but as I said if I just close it with x, then the icon stays in the top area. And a reminder will stay in the pull down notifications for the next 17 hrs. I have to keep it there and just don't pay attention to it. Which is evidently not comfortable.
Could you check in the settings, see if you enabled "stick in status bar"?
Yes, it is enabled. And I like this feature. It ensures that I do not accidentally miss a task.
My idea with a double custom reminder was like this. The app could understand that this is a double reminder and do not mark the whole task as complete when I click Complete for the first reminder. And only mark it as complete when I tap Complete for the last reminder. This way it would be nice.
Got it. Will pass your feedback to the product team for some evaluation and we will see what we could do to help in the future.
---- How do we know -----

1- This is an advanced reminder which is needing simply x - dismiss


2- This is an on time reminder which is needing complete task

I think there is a teeny tiny icon that separate the two but its hard to distinguish

---- Suggestion ----

You had successfully tackled this issue in on repeating tasks

If we push complete button it will automatically move on to the next date
Not complete and vanishes

Why cant you do the same ?
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