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Text formatting
I can't belive TickTick still doesn't support even basic text formatting.
It's not possible to make any serious notes in comments & task description.

Amazing app that don't allow me to make bold, underline, italic and ordered / unordered lists...

Please get inspired by competition. I don't really want to change my task system again but if I see the app stays in place for next months I'll be forced to do so.

I really hope it'll get improved soon.

Sorry, to support more text formatting is not in our current plan. We are not a note based productivity app. To support such feature is not a priority. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Ahh... I was thinking to go for pro version, then I see this post!
It's really sad that you don't have any plan for this feature!
+1 Lenin Hasda
I disagree with the answer from Ticktick. We are not asking a robust text formatting functionality like note App but basic functionality. furthermore, a good productivity app should have the function so as to let users to use it as work diary and meeting memo. I think it can promote your competitiveness in the market.
Apps like notion are going to out-innovate you if basic text formatting doesn't get implemented.

There is a whole thread of people here asking for markdown integration, but I'm sure a lot of people would settle for basic text formatting.

Your reasoning that you are not a notes based app doesn't explain why basic formatting is omitted. You have the notes field. I use it extensively. I'm sure the entire markdown thread does too.

Please reconsider.

Is your roadmap public?

I agree! Basic text formatting should be a feature implemented on TickTick. More and more productivity apps (not just note based ones) are taking the lead by applying these features.
Now I'm thinking of changing to some other resource that leads me to have this feature since its an essential aspect for my workflow.
I second! I think if there is a section for taking notes, it would be nice to do some basic formatting.

- Bold
- Italics
- Headers
- Bullet points

Or something? Is there any plans for stuff like these?
Almost bold
The team has been working on this feature now. We will get it implemented in the near future. Thanks!
+ Please! I'm coming over from Todoist and just expected this.

For example - I often paste in snippets from other places into my comments. Like emails. or snippets from a slack conversation. Here's an example - this is a spam email I got and pasted into a comment just so you can see that all the formatting - EVEN carriage returns! is gone. Even basic line returns are not there.

We get it — it's easy to jot down details about your customers on whatever's in front of you. But having those details spread over Post-its and spreadsheets makes it hard to stay organized. What if you could track all of your customer information in one place and see how your business is doing at a glance? With Salesforce Essentials, the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) solution built for small businesses, you can. For just $25 per month, Salesforce Essentials helps you build stronger customer relationships.*

So, since I have just gone Premium and visited with my therapist regarding my OCD issues just yesterday, to the Dev Team and Carol, a gentle recommendation: I am a marketing technologies (with granted U.S. web technology Patent), digital marketing services, film/media/TV Producer who put together three embeds into Iraq and Afghanistan, has a blog that is visited by well over 10,000 Unique Visitors per day, ran a social campaign with 1.6 million followers when I went after Facebook on an "issue". Impressed? Don't be. That is not my intention. I have been through every Task, Project Planning platform known to man since 1985. I am amazed at how many of the cool kids drank the half-tone/percentage/poor-contrasting, light grey Apple Kool-Aid over the past ten years. This thread is about a whole lot more than that, I realize. But human, visual ergonomics are what they are and text/subject/focal "target acquisition" is real and a lot more important than what developers realize. Let me rephrase that - you probably realize it but it is or was not a priority... except as it is evidenced in this thread. TickTick has got something going here. Keep it going. These little touches are often the "fit and finish" pieces that are critical to success. And just in case, you need additional corroboration of the importance of visual cues that lead to the focal point, I leave you with this - a commercial about an aluminum can that launched a billion-dollar make-over before 95% of you were born.
+1 please!
Hello Carol,
in October, you said "The team has been working on this feature now. We will get it implemented in the near future".

December ?

Hopefully December
Markdown is already available in Mac app. It's great! One thing I miss now from typical note-taking apps is ability to move line of text up/down with keyboard shortcut.
Thanks for pointing it out Piotr.

I just realized that Markdown is available after checking for updates. Version 3.3.00

I actually thought TickTick would auto update and there has been nothing under announcements regarding version 3.3.00 or even under the changelog page.

Anybody using Mac and still doesn't have the feature, try updating manually. It's pretty awesome if you take notes.
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