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Text formatting
I can't belive TickTick still doesn't support even basic text formatting.
It's not possible to make any serious notes in comments & task description.

Amazing app that don't allow me to make bold, underline, italic and ordered / unordered lists...

Please get inspired by competition. I don't really want to change my task system again but if I see the app stays in place for next months I'll be forced to do so.

I really hope it'll get improved soon.

Sorry, to support more text formatting is not in our current plan. We are not a note based productivity app. To support such feature is not a priority. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Ahh... I was thinking to go for pro version, then I see this post!
It's really sad that you don't have any plan for this feature!
+1 Lenin Hasda
I disagree with the answer from Ticktick. We are not asking a robust text formatting functionality like note App but basic functionality. furthermore, a good productivity app should have the function so as to let users to use it as work diary and meeting memo. I think it can promote your competitiveness in the market.
Apps like notion are going to out-innovate you if basic text formatting doesn't get implemented.

There is a whole thread of people here asking for markdown integration, but I'm sure a lot of people would settle for basic text formatting.

Your reasoning that you are not a notes based app doesn't explain why basic formatting is omitted. You have the notes field. I use it extensively. I'm sure the entire markdown thread does too.

Please reconsider.

Is your roadmap public?

I agree! Basic text formatting should be a feature implemented on TickTick. More and more productivity apps (not just note based ones) are taking the lead by applying these features.
Now I'm thinking of changing to some other resource that leads me to have this feature since its an essential aspect for my workflow.
I second! I think if there is a section for taking notes, it would be nice to do some basic formatting.

- Bold
- Italics
- Headers
- Bullet points

Or something? Is there any plans for stuff like these?
Almost bold
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