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Network connection error

For a month (or more), when I try to go to the TickTick site in the browser or already work there the warning "Network connection error. Please check your network connection and try again" appears. It happens everywhere - in different browsers, in different places (at home, at work). Usually this error is periodic, but today I can not get to the site at all because of this error.

I have a suspicion that this is due to the ISP, I already sent them a request. But I also wanted to receive comments from you.


UPD. The Help Center and User Giude works good always.

UPD2. Now I was able to go to the site, but a few minutes later this error started again. It appears for every action I take. If I close the tab, the changes I made will not be saved. This has happened already. It is impossible to work!
Hello again! It's been more than month and I haven't received any comments..
I have a similar problem
Just for the future. If your topic doesn't receive any comments, it's fine after 2-3 days to update your topic with "Up!" so it goes up on the front page again. Even better, if you don't get response, write an email to

I noticed there have been some issues with users from Russia, so maybe there's some weird issue. Perhaps someone from devs will answer soon.
Some Amazon IP's is banned in Russia. VPN will help.
Oh, right. They banned some (millions) IPs of Google and Amazon because of Telegram, right? Well, that blows.
Hello! Does all of this mean that now I have to use VPN or Anonymizer any time I need to open tick tick (which is quite about 5 times per each hour)? That is the way too inconvenient!
I use this web-app for more than 2 years and it becomes unuseful in comparison with other similar web-apps. Will that be somehow fixed by developers?
Ohhhhh, that's right. I totally forgot about our lovely RKN...

Yes, using VPN is the solution. But I can't say that is comfortable.

Dear developers, maybe you can do something for your faithful Russian users?
Юлия, RKN wants to deprecate all foreign traffic ( I think, developers may rent one server for us in Russia. Like server in China for local users. For now – I have always on VPN =/
Exactly. This isn't something that is easily fixable by developers. This is a problem of state ordered crackdown. The only way for TickTick to "fix" this is to find AWS alternative in Russia and migrate databases of Russian users there.

I personally don't think TickTick will be considering this. It's too much trouble and too much money. It was worth it to do it for Chinese market with "creating" new product with different databases on different servers on different domain. I doubt TickTick is willing to spend money just because someone in Russia decided to play censorship game.

But I am not the dev, so maybe I am wrong.
Hello Russian users,

You can either use a VPN to get pass the block or change your hosts to
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