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Notifications on Fitibit not working
The new Fitbit Versa has a notification feature that I have turned on and have selected TickTick to get notifications, but it doesn't work. It works fine for Textra, Medisafe, Calendar and Nest. But for some reason I cannot get notifications from TickTick (Android version 4.4.02).

Am I missing a setting somewhere that would prevent notifications from working on the fitbit?

Did you enable "Stick on status bar"? If so, please disable and give it another try.
Sorry I missed this reply. I don't have the stick on status bar enabled.
Hey Gadget Few, I'm not sure if this will work for you, but I was having the same problem and it was making me crazy. I tried everything and finally what worked for me was adding something to the task "description" and now all of those task notifications are pushed to my Versa. It's strange I know, but it worked for me! Fingers crossed you will have the same results!
Let me try that and will post back. That is very odd but here is hoping it works.
That worked! Thank you so much for the idea. Not sure why that would make a difference.
Awesome! I'm glad for you! I'm not sure why it works either - it makes no sense to me. But hey, whatever it takes, right? Enjoy your Versa!
Ugh, I just got the Note 9 (had the Note 8) and now my TickTick notifications aren't working again on my Versa despite having something in the "description" field. So I don't know what the issue is now. What's amusing (sorta) is that two other apps that I could never get to work for notifications on the Versa/Note8 now work with the Note 9, but TickTick doesn't.
Has anyone had success getting TickTick notifications to work on Fitbit? I have an ionic and s10e running android 9. using the description hack that was mentioned does get notifications to show on my watch, but without any vibration. so its still pretty much useless.
Odd. I do now get notifications with vibration on my Fitbit Charge 3 using my Note 9 (android version 9) as long as I use the hack above and put content in the description. Never did get it working on my Versa.
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