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Option for remembering last used List
Now, when I want to quick add a task it always puts me Inbox as default. I am forced to change it all the time manually. Would be great to have an option under 'task defaults' to auto-remember my last used list and / or priority.

P.S - when adding task from smart list priority is always set to none no matter what I have in 'task default' settings.

When continuously adding tasks into one list, use Return to save instead the save icon. That way the app won't go back to Inbox after each entry.

P.S. Did you use custom smart list? Did you select any priority filters for the list?

Adding a task through + sign from notification bar or from icon context menu (Android 8)

When you add - you always have 'inbox' list selected for you by default. If I add a task in another list and than want to add one more - I have 'inbox' selected again.


Suggestion: add an option in 'task defaults' called 'remember last used list and/or priority'


I put mouse cursor at the end of a task (that needs be done today) caption. Say it's called 'check the network'. It has priority set to 'high' and When I hit enter a blank row appears below the initial task. By default it has no settings for reminders and priority.

Suggestion: Would be nice to have an option so that task added via enter from the task above it would copy its priority and reminder settings. In that case I will have to type just Title and description.


When I add a task from smart list which has no active priority filter it puts me 'none' for priority, ignoring my default priority setting. If I add a task from smart list which has priority filter it puts me the top first priority option from filter. Ex: If my smart list has a filter as 'middle' and 'low' priority and I want to add a task from that smart filter it would put me 'middle' priority by default.

Suggestion: Would be great to have more options for smart lists. For ex. default smart list options for task priorities and maybe notifications. So these settings are put one single time when creating the list. That would eliminate the need to specify same priority and notification reminders for every task in the same smart list. Say I need to add 10 tasks to a smart list called 'job'. All tasks in this smart filter should have same priority and notification settings (this is what I need for my work). To add those 10 tasks I need to type them in and repeat setting up notifications and priorities for each one individually (repeat same task 10 times which is time consuming).

Hope you understand what I am trying to say better now. Thank you.
It would be even better if you could select which list or smartlist opens on startup like Remember The Milk.
Sure would!
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