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Remove 1 or more tasks that are on repeat
I have a couple of daily and weekly tasks. For example I babysit every monday so it's a repeated weekly task, but sometimes I don't have to babysit 1 week. How do I remove just 1 time without disrupting the whole cycle?

I've tried just removing one but all the next once seem to remove to and it's a bit risky since I sometimes don't have time to just start a next weekly task the week after and end up forgetting.

There is this move to next week function which does the trick when I change it roughly a week beforehand, but sometimes it's a date a month or more from now and I forget to remove it and end up going without needing to. Only thing I can come up with now is already checking it as done but this leaves it visible of course.

Anyone has a better idea?
I have the same request – a solution could be that when deleting a recurring task, Ticktick can ask whether you want to delete just that event or the recurring event (just like Google Calendar).
Yes that would be perfect!
On mobile apps, you can left swipe on a recurring task - quick date menu - skip. That way it won't affect the future tasks.
What about on Desktop? This should be like Google Calendar, just like she said
We will support the same feature for other platforms in the future. Thanks.
The main issue I see here is that the "swipe left/skip" feature allows you to move it, yet STILL changes the whole task's future timeline. I tested a dummy task just today, trying "skip", "postpone", and ALL of the other options on the Quick Date Menu. It still changed ALL occurrences of the task, not just the one.

I have a recurring task that was supposed to happen this morning and I needed to move it to this evening. However, I luckily found out about it before the task was set to remind me. And "snoozing" the task keeps the same "set time" but only changes the reminder time. I need to be able to reschedule the time the task takes place for a specific instance without changing all the future ones. Whether it's only a few hours from now or 2 days from now. Your recurring task system's flaw is that it doesn't generate the next day's task until you either complete or skip the current one. Google calendar actually creates ALL "events" in the series on the calendar and you can modify them one at a time or all at once. However, Google's huge drawback is that their actual "tasking" feature, in short, sucks.

Unfortunately, this could be a deal breaker for me upgrading to TickTick premium or possibly continuing to use the app altogether. Modifiable repeating tasks with alarms is a requirement to manage my ADHD. Having been through the testing of 5 to-do list type apps in the past month, this one, so far, comes the closest to what I'm looking for. Too bad that this important feature is still underdeveloped since, according to a web search, it has been one of the top requested since before 2016.

Also, another suggestion to anyone responding to user questions: When you have a feature you need to explain how to use in more detail and there is an available video or online user guide explanation, please link it so that time is not wasted culling through the whole user guide trying to find it. While your user manual appears to be searchable, a link would make my specific forum question easier to find. It also would show your customers that their time is important to you. Especially since you developed an app for saving time in the first place. Thank you.
“Skip to” would let allow you skip the current recurrence without affecting the future dates. If that's not the case for you. There might be some bug issues happened. Could you try that again and let us know?
Are there any news on developing this feature for Web interface?
Is there any news on this? Also it would be great to change the time of a recurring task just for a single day.

Example: I normally go to the gym at 8 AM, but say today I would like to go at 11 AM, I should get a notification to affect just that event/task or the whole recurring task(like in Apple's Calendar and Google Calendar)
Any news on this? I love the integration of a calendar and a to-do list in TickTick but the lack of this feature is fairly debilitating for me, honestly thinking about switching back to google cal :(
I also would like an update on this! I am trying to use ticktick to plan out my daily schedule, and need to be able to have some flexibility with repeating tasks.
Me too!
@oilexxxi Are there any news on developing this feature for Web interface?
Bump... any update? Seems like an obvious thing to have for a calendar/to-do list app.
Yes, this should be basic functionality for a calendar/task management app. Please fix the issue. Your implementation of the recurring task feature is flawed. Thank you.
check the tasks as done then delete them when they are checked. This won't affect future activities.

Good luck
Bumping this as well! This should be a standard function of any calendar app.

I just upgraded to TickTick premium to see if it could replace my Apple notes To-Do List + Calendar and combine into one app... However, since I have recurring tasks that need flexibility, the lack of this one feature is enough for me to still have to use my Apple apps, meaning I might as well cancel the TickTick membership and switch back.

Also, two other small things TickTick currently fails at in comparison to Apple Calendar:
- Displaying task events as small as 15min, instead of the current 30min minimum
- Vertical zoom of the calendar so you can focus on a certain portion of the day and scroll through
There are a million topics with this request dating back to 2016. Unbelievable that this function is not implemented yet.
This should be a fundamental feature of any planning/calendar software; why isn't it done yet?
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