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Syncing problem
I have Ticktick on my iPhone, Mac app, and web.
The Mac and Web apps sync well with each other.

Marking a task as complete on the iPhone app doesn't get synced to the other two.
The other way around works fine.

Is this going to get fixed soon?

Could you try to see if marking a task as completed on the web/mac could get synced to ios?
@oilexxxi yes it does, I've mentioned that in my post "The other way around works fine."
As I wrote yesterday, I've the same problem. Today it is here again. It's really annoying, because I'm working on different devices all over the day and I need reliable informations.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you use manual sync on the web and mac app, see if that helps?
I did use it, but the problem persists
That's strange. Did it only happen when completing a task? What about creating new tasks or editing tasks?
When I create an new task, then it appears immediatly on my iPhone. When I complete it, it disappears on iPhone. The date of some tasks on the iPhone is one day late. On Web and iMac it is today, on iPhone it is yesterday or the tasks I postponed to tomorrow still appear with due-date today. Scary. Seems you have a bigger problem with synchronizing over different devices. Will you get it fixed?

Did the different date issue occur right after you created the tasks on ios app? Or, you edited the task date on other platforms and it didn't get synced to ios? There are some system limitations for ios, auto sync might not be real-time enough sometimes. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Yes, this happens only when marking a task as complete.

I've been able to reproduce this bug by marking a few tasks as done last night, with the Web and Mac apps being closed. This morning, The mac app is out of sync even after a cold start, manual refresh didn't work either.,

Were they completed on the web?
@oilexxxi, Yes. During the last few weeks, Mac & Web apps have gone sporadically out of sync with the iOS app.,

We will be fixing some bugs in the next update and that shall help with the sync issue. For now, you may try to close the app completely and reopen it, see if that could be a workaround.

Closing and opening the app again doesn't do much help.
Anyway, thank you for your assistance and your time.
Hi - I am new to Ticktick and have been experimenting with the app as a replacement for Wunderlist. After trying multiple apps, It looks to be the perfect replacement app for me.......

except for the fact that the my iphone and ipad versions are not syncing......

I am doing something wrong, or are the two versions incompatible?
I face similar issue. If I add a task on phone it wont be synced on the laptop.
Hi guys,

Could you please do us a favor -> follow this guide and see if it is able to identify which platform is failing to sync on your end?
Have you guys figured out the issue?
How to upload old phone data that I accidentally press no after upgradation?
Hey all, I’m brand new to the service and just migrated my tasks last night and have yet to solidify my task organization structure so I’ve been playing around with this sync issue* and found that a tedious work around in my case was to make edits to the non-syncing tasks, in the case of everyone I’ve updated this DOES then make that task available upon refresh in the web app.

Curious to see if this works as a temporary work-around for anyone else? (fingers crossed!)

* after following the support article above, logged out on all devices and then back in and that didn't produce any noticeable changes to the state of syncing on it's own.

CORRECTION: apparently I only need to VIEW the "stuck" tasks individually from my phone, then a refresh pulls them into the web interface.
TickTick no longer will sync to my Apple Watch Series 3. Have latest iOS on my iPhone SE and latest TickTick version 5.7.02.

Uninstalled app from watch and reinstalled. TickTick is on my watch does not sync lists or tasks.

John Herrmann
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