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Tags in subtasks
Dear TickTick team,

The new update provides me a better overview of the tags, which I like a lot. However, it's not possible to add the tags on the subtasks anymore. This is not really convenient since I create a lot of tasks which look like:

Reading for xxx
Subtask 1: Chapter ... #[BooknameA]
Subtask 2: Chapter .. #[BooknameB]

And after this update, I can't add the tasks for the subtasks individually anymore. I hope this problem could be resolved for the next update since it's no more convenient for users who work a lot with subtasks.

+1 YES! This would be awesome
is there some plan about bring back ability to add tags to subtask?
1 year later, still asking to bring this function back
+1 it is very crucial
Yeah, that's really broken, if subtasks are the mechanic for listing project actions per GTD. For example, I am awaiting receipt of a quote for a project. The quote is a subtask for the project and now I cannot tag it with a _waiting context. So it becomes an open loop. That's enough that I may have to drop TickTick as a GTD manager.
+1 !!!!!
Good to see that the devs are paying attention and taking user feedback into account. Oh wait....
+!!!!! This is a deal killer seriously
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