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TickTick 4.4.0 is now available for iOS & Android
The new tagging feature has been released on all platforms, except for the MacOS app. We will implement it for Mac users soon. Please stay tuned.

Learn what TickTick's new tagging feature is all about via:

Other improvements include:
- Choose to have overdue tasks show at Top/Bottom of the list;
- Sync your settings on all platforms.

Update your TickTick and discover more. :)
Hello. The first impression is disgusting! Subtasks do not show tags. Not informative. The application is getting worse! Do you plan to create lists of subtasks by tags? If not, I will look for a replacement!
Is there a way to set the default tag sort to alphabetical? It looks like when I add a new tag to a task, the tag is placed at the top of the list and then I'm required to drag it to its alphabetical spot in the list. Random tag sort is no good. Also, I have not been able to figure out how to search for tags. Typing a tag name in the search bar doesn't seem to work. Thanks!

Update - Sorry, this question applies to Web and Windows platforms.
if the Tag is to function well, it should be searched even the task is completed. If it doesn't, it is same with Lists.

People have some tasks that they want to read even after they completed. That point is what Tag should break in.
Thanx for a good update!

One comment/ proposal: Now all tags show in the the list. It should be possible to show only active tags and hide tags that is only used in completed tasks. I use some tags for a period and when all the relevant tasks is finished the tag should be hided til it is used again.
Big problems with 3rd party keyboards (eg. Gboard) in the app introduced with this version.
I like the new tag features. Thanks, team!

Can you set the task title wrap so that it's not cut off on a narrow window?
I liked the old way of working with tags better.

I'm talking about the web view now (which i use the most)

Here's why:

tags were underlined in the task itself... now the tag is not clickable in the task (title) itself (for earlier created items with tags), but is shown as a seperate button on the same line .. taking up extra screen real estate :-/ and reducing space to show the full task(title)

the auto-suggest when typing #.. is nice but is slowing down the entry of a new task tremendously .. almost unworkable for me. I don't really need the slow auto suggest. Most of the tags i use i know by heart. ( my memory might not be entirely correct, maybe another kind of autosuggest existed in previous version, not sure anymore) ...
now i have to manage my tags myself ... the tags created now seem to keep existing in the list even though it is not used anymore .. so i would have to clean them up manually from time to time ... previously the list just got updated automatically : no more items with that tag, the tag got removed from the list without me intervening, and the list stays clean automatically. Also they where automatically sorted alphabetically .. now it seems that one has to sort them myself

I have been a huge fan of ticktick ... but of this particular update i'm not a fan ..

I also liked the fact that a tag could be in the middle of the task(title) ... now it is removed from the place where i entered it .. and my task(titles) make less sense...
Also i feel that i now have to press enter to select the existing tag counter intuitive .. i preferred using space ...
once again this comment applies to the web version which i use most in chrome on windows.
I think they reworked tags to mimic the labels in Todoist, and I like it, but I never used the tags before so I can see how others might not dig the change.
Latest update won't let me login on Android. Works on the web, tried password reset, still no luck :(

In IOS Ver (4.4.01), the function to display subtasks on the calendar is not working.
@Jake, are you still encountering the issue? Could you check the network connection, see if it's stable enough?

@バンタ, tap "..." on the top right corner - show subtasks.
@oilexxxi,Thank you. But I already know that. Even if I press the "show subtask" button, subtasks with deadlines will not be displayed. Previously it was displayed. Also, the WEB version is displayed. Is this phenomenon occurring only to me?
I was a big user of # tags before this update and this broke it for me. I liked having the name of the tag be in the title of the task as it was essential to the task itself. Now with the tags being removed from the title my reminders and tasks on calendars make NO SENSE as they only show the titles. Please allow for tags to be left in the titles (kind of like having the option to keep/remove smart date parsing in the text of the title)
This was the biggest thing that made me change from todoist, and now you guys copied what they did and it's ruined things for me.

I'm big fan of hashtag # style of TAG.
this is why I've changed from todoist.
OMG, please support OLD style. also.
@バンタ, could you provide some screenshots to We will have a check for you.
Granted, i should clean my lists ...

but since the upgrade to the new tagsticktick has become ten times slower in my perception.
To the point of being totally unusable in firefox ..

and only slightly usable in terms of speed in chrome. On my personal PC i started using the app ( no performance problems so far), but on my work PC I'm forced to use the web version.

And to say it was one of the prime reasons why I started to use and pay for ticktick: because it was faaaaaast, way faster than the competition ... and a to do list needs to be fast IMHO..

I hope a cleanup of my lists will help ... but will use the app for that...
The Android app keeps crashing since the latest upgrade was anyone else having this problem?
Awful bottom tabs still are not optional. Sadly..
The new tag system has its own benefits and I like it, but I'd like to request a few usability improvements.
- Please move tag bar to the bottom of the task details, just above the list selection drop down box.
- Please show tag bar with [+] button even if there are no existing tags, to simplify adding of new tags.
- Please show tag bar when multiple tasks are selected (e.g. show only common tags if any & [+]), and allow batch-adding of new tags & batch-removal of existing tags.
- Please enable drag&drop of tasks (individual & multiple) onto tags for batch-assignment, in the same fashion as it currently works for lists.
- Please add a setting to switch between inline tags & tag bar.
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