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TickTick extension no longer works in Chrome
In trying out the extension, I found that it worked initially, but in the last couple of days I can no longer start it up. I'm using the latest Chrome browser.

We have updated the chrome extension a few hours ago, it should be working alright now. Please give it another try and let us know if you still have any issues with it.
Thanks. It still says Version: in the Chrome store, so I'll wait a little longer to see when it's updated.
You don't need to download it from the store. It should have been updated in the background.
Thanks. It works now after re-starting the browser.
It doesn't work again. The extension version is from 3 April 2018.
Could you specify the behavior? Did it keep loading or no pop-ups?

Could you try to reopen the extension, see if it helps?
It seems to be working now. Previously, it wouldn't pop up. But the extension still doesn't seem to be updated as you said.
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