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Location reminder for recurring task
I want to set a location reminder for a recurring task I have but I don't want to be notified upon arrival at this location until the date I set for the task. Specifically, I have a recurring task to remind me to give a check on the 1st of each month to my daughter's daycare. Since I'm notoriously bad about remembering to actually take the check in it would be extremely helpful to get a reminder upon arrival that day. It is NOT helpful by any means, however, to get a reminder every single time I arrive at the daycare since I arrive there twice a day every single week day! I would imagine that this would apply to many other situations too, for instance, maybe a reminder to refill a prescription once a month at Walgreens but I wouldn't want to be notified every single time I'm near a Walgreens. Can you add a feature to restrict location based reminders to only activate on and after the due date?

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, to support such function is not in our current plan.
I know this function is available on other to do/task apps - will it be added in the future?
I love TickTick and I wanted to use location reminders, but I will not be able to because whenever I drive near any set location, ALL the alerts for ALL my tasks for that location ALL FIRE at once, even if those tasks are not due until WEEKS or MONTHS from now.

This is FAULTY LOGIC! If I set a location-based reminder in TickTick for something I want to be reminded of IN THE FUTURE because it CANNOT be done now... NO ALERTS should trigger when I'm near that location UNTIL the date of that task arrives.

Everybody knows this is how it's supposed to work, otherwise your iPhone is constantly bombarded with alerts about tasks you CANNOT even DO yet! When I drove away from my house tonight, TickTick sent me 11 alerts for "Leaving House" — ELEVEN! — even though NOT ONE of them is due for at least another week.

No other task management app I've ever tried has this problem. If the developers of TickTick don't fix this, they will see lots of people moving to other apps.

I love this app and hope this problem will be fixed soon.
I totally agree - the location based reminder is useless without being date sensitive.
Is this BUG fix still not in your plan?
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