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Calendar not updating at all
Exporting tasks as a calendar is a nice feature but it does not work for me... if I generate the calendar URL and import it to my google calendar it adds some kind of a snapshot of my current tasks but the calendar does not update at all if I change my tasks in TickTick, mark them as done or remove them... This is pretty bad for a paid feature!

I am using TickTick on a Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Sorry for the bad experience. The sync between Google calendar and TickTick could take some time. Please wait longer and see if your tasks have been synced(normally it could take hours). It all depends on how fast Google retrieves the data from us. Otherwise, we can't do anything but wait for now.
Actually it does not sync even if I wait for two full days...

Other calendars which are imported the exact same way do not show that behaviour.
There's a quick fix but you will need to re-subscribe via URL.

Add "?nocache=1" at the end of your URL, then subscribe again.

It shall help with your case. Keep us posted.

I added the suggested text and still the updated info has not come through.
Same for me... Does not really work at All...
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