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Estimate the duration of tasks
I love this app, but I lack the ability to estimate the duration of tasks as in the Remember The Milk app, because it allows you to estimate the total time it will take for a day's tasks. Something very useful and practical. Pomodoro is not enough and it is very limited system.

Congratulations for the app :)


PS: Sorry for my English :S

Many users are using the "Estimated Pomo" function to do the time estimation for each task. To support another estimate function is not in our current plan.
Can't find estimate pomo function for some reason

What is your platform?

I cannot find it on web or mac app - is it available there?

Hey there,

Which feature are you looking for?
I cant find the option of assign ESTIMATED POMO to tasks in WEB or MAC but i can do it in ANDROID or IOS APP.
I can assign the ESTIMATED POMO in APP and it shows in WEB/MAC but i can't change it!
I can't find the Estimated Pomo anywhere — in web app, on Android and iPad apps. How to find it, or switch it on?
The discrepancy of features through different apps is unnerving.
Hey guys,

Currently, the Estimated Pomo is only available in mobile devices.

You can enter the task detail page> "..." > Pomo Timer > Estimated Pomo.
Seems like a lot of people are using 'estimated pomo', because they have no other option. There is no actual time estimate option (in hours and minutes) available.

Estimating time per day or project would be an epic addition to TickTick. I know I would use it a lot. Especially if it can be segmented by priority. E.g. if I want to complete my most important (high priority) tasks it would take time X and if I want to complete everything for the project (or day as a smart list), it would take Y, etc.

Making it available on mobile only, kinda sucks though.
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