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Date is 1 Day Off
Tasks that are scheduled for today (Mon May 14) are shown as Overdue (Sun May 13) in iOS. They are shown correctly on web. It appears they are also incorrect in the Windows App.

So I'm getting notifications via app of items that are scheduled for tomorrow.

It would appear that the iOS and the Win App have time traveled to tomorrow. Please help. This is driving me a bit crazy.
Guess it’s the same issue I described here:
For me tasks in web app and in os x app look correctly, while in ios random tasks are a set due one day earlier.
Devs, is there any plans to address this issue? It renders ios and apple watch apps unusable
Just got this response via support "Sorry for the late reply and inconvenience. It's due to time zone issue and we're working on this now for all platforms gradually. Please be patient for fix versions :)"

...the word gradually concerns me a bit. I really really depend on TickTick
Hello guys,

Sorry again for the inconvenience. Just double checked with the devs about the issue. We will have it fixed asap. The issue was caused by some bugs found in the web client. Other platforms also suffered a bit.

@Keith, the support team member who replied this email to you might not communicate well enough with all devs. Once the web client's updated, the issue shall be auto disappeared from all platforms.

Which data will be considered correct when this rolls out? That in iOS or web/osx?
This seems to be fixed now.
I'm not sure mine is fixed now. I just got a notification this morning of a task that is scheduled for tomorrow. Dev can you confirm status please?
Did you set it up after 22nd of May? Because those that I set up after the problem was noticed got a bit messed up after I noticed the fix. I cleaned it all up after that and now my phone is properly synced with desktop.
Yes it was a task I created yesterday via iOS
What clean up did you do?
That's strange then.. The clean up was basically rearranging my tasks and manually fixing the due date. For me it looked like tasks set up between 25th of March (when the transition to the summer time took place in Europe) and 22nd of May were affected.
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