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Solved!! Changing notification sound??
A week or two ago, Tick Tick on my Android reverted to using my default notification sound instead of the one I had set. When I tried to change it back, I saw that the option to change the ringtone is missing!! I've been through all the settings menus and the option is nowhere to be found. Not being able to set a specific tone for my reminders is a huge deal breaker for me! Can someone help me figure out how to do it?


EDIT: I'm leaving this just in case someone has the same issue. I dug and dug and finally figured it out. Settings --> Reminder --> Reminders & Notifications --> (this will take you out of Tick Tick into Android system settings) --> Reminders for Task --> Sound

I had gotten to the Android system settings before, but since I already had "Reminders for Task" set to "make sound", I didn't realize there was a submenu if you actually click it.

Hope this helps at least someone!

Thanks for the clear instruction. Will pin this topic to the top for others who might need it.
My iPhone does not play notification sounds at all either.
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