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All dates are wrong when changing timezones (in web only)
I noticed that every time I travel to a place with a different timezone I get some sort of bug.
This time I travelled west, and when opening the web app all the dates are off by one day (eg a task for May 18th is moved to May 17th).

This only happens in the web version (after the computer had it's time updated).
The android app works fine and doesn't have this bug.
This only happens with the tasks that have only a day, and not a time; apps with a time and date are fine.
It should probably be easy to reproduce by changing the time in a computer.


Sorry for the inconvenience. This is a known issue. We will have it fixed by next week.
Awesome, thanks.
Hi there, I was having this same issue today, also traveling West, I was wondering what the status of this fix was.

Should also say this is true on web and Mac versions. (The only ones I use)
We will release the fixed version this week.
Hi, I'm not even travelling and I got this issue. I keep having to correct some dates, sometimes several times. What's the status on the fix?
Actually, every day I open my ticktick, some dates have been moved to the next day. It's really a nightmare.
Hey there,

So sorry currently this is how it gets designed. The date and time will change along with the timezone. We will add a timezone manual switching option in our roadmap, but may not realize it in the short term. Sorry again for the trouble and inconvenience.
Everything I scheduled for today is marked "yesterday", WTH? I have no idea on what timezone this program is operating, but it's definitely not mine and I haven't moved.
I'm trying to tell you: I haven't changed timezones. I haven't moved anywhere and I'm still getting weird time switches.
Hey there,

So sorry for getting you wrong! Could you plz tell in which device did you create the task and set the time? In the list view or the calendar view?

In which devices did the time or date change? If possible, some screenshots would be more intuitive and clear.

Could you plz tell us the timezone settings of your devices?
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