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"next week" set to "next monday" instead of "7 days later"?
Can the "next week" due date setting be set to "next monday" instead of "7 days later"?

Thanks in advance for your time and help


Are you using the web version? Which "next week" function did you mean?
Yes on the web version. You can click on an icon to set the date of a task. Today, tomorrow, next week and custom are the options
Yes that would be great. Or at least have that as an alternative "Next Monday" option.
Yes, it should be Monday no matter which version of the app you're using. Right now on the Windows one it just does seven days later which is not useful.
Thank you all for the feedback. We will evaluate it soon.
I agree with the other users. "Next week" makes much more sense as Monday, not seven days later.
Any progress or update on this? 7 days later is not helpful to me on a thursday or friday when I need to see a task beginning of next week.
Any news on this ? I would also prefer to be set to next Monday too...
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