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Sorry for the wait, Android users! TickTick 4.3.5 is ready now.
Major updates:

- True Black theme
- Undo after completing a task
- New white noise "Clock"
- Colored events showing in the calendar view

Update now and discover more!

Still haven't found the long-promised option to turn these awful tabs off :(
Since the update I can't change my alert tone!! The settings have changed, and the section where you choose your tone is just not there! Please help, as it reverted to my default tone, which is NOT loud enough to get my attention.

Could you provide your mobile model and system version?

See if this could help you out:
Loving the true black theme and undo feature! Thanks for continuing to improve the absolute best to-do app on the planet. :D
When I move a subtask using the 3 line to the left of the checkbox the 4 arrows displays then a line where it should go, then the subtask is gone appears to be deleted. It is not visible anywhere I can see not check complete.
This thing used to work:

"To tag a task item, simply add a hashtag to a keyword in that item (for example, #Holiday)"

Now it doesn't. I have to add the tag manually. Both in google chrome and in the android app.

For example in chrome, when I write the # symbol, a list with my tags appear. And I can select them. But the text doesnt get saved in the task title or description. The text " #Holiday" used to remain in the title or the descripcion. And you could copy+paste a text with the tag into the task, and the tag would be recognized by ticktick.
This doesnt work anymore.

It would be nice to have the option to "keep text in tasks" (The same that happens with smart data parsing for dates already). Like it used to work.
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