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Hide Task Details
Hello all,

I'd really like an option to hide the task details on the right, because they are mostly empty and I don't use them very much. Would that be possible sometime?

All the best


Unfortunately, to support this function is not in our current plan. We might consider it again in the future if needed. Thanks.
Without being able to hide the details, the app takes up a large portion of my screen without really needing to.
Ok, thanks for the update!
+1! It's really distracting to have the big box for task details on the right all the time.
they know its obvious but one guy likes it and he is in charge
deal with it fools
unfortuntely to support this it would of taken just as much time as writing this. here's a cutesy picture of me instead. cheers!!!
unfortuntely, we hodge-poged this thing together and we dont really know how to fix that, but we hate it too. but hey it works and its free. you can upgrade and have the same problem, you can verify it through the free trial. i hope you still upgrade becuase we like expressos!!!
I'll add my +1 to this. I was checking my "Habit" page on the PC version (in a smaller window), and between the left bar and the empty details bar, there was no room to actually show words for the habits. It showed only their icons. That's a lot of wasted real estate.
+1 - Please add this option, along with the sub-option to have the details pane only appear when manually chosen via a details pane icon or menu item from the task or interface itself. Thank you!
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