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add google calendar event
It would be great if I can add a google calendar event from Ticktick, so that I only need to login to Ticktick to manage all my schedule and tasks

Is this the function you want?
No, I mean creating a new google calendar event
What tick tick should do is create a fully functional calendar so that you never need to use google calendars again

Fantastic idea. It would be much easier to manage my calendar within the TickTick app instead of having to use the Google calendar app to update the events on my calendar.
Got it. Will let the product team know about the idea and let them evaluate it first. Thanks.
any updates on this? thanks
I really hope this gets added in. It would be so much easier to add and manage event within TickTick, instead of having to switch back and forth between TickTick and Google Calendar.

Maybe even create a calendar just for TickTick, it doesn't necessarily have to be linked to Google Calendar :)

Any update on this?

This feature has already been supported in mobile apps. We will consider implementing it for the web app in the future.
+1 Still can't find this feature in Windows or Web
+1 Still can't find this feature in Windows or Web nor Android
As a User, I would like to be able to add ticktick items as an event in my google calendar.
Please add this feature to the web version.
Disappointed in @Noah's (Developer) answer above. There is no way to create a Google Calendar event from within TickTick. It would be great if there was.
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