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TickTick iOS 4.3.5 is here!
TickTick iOS 4.3.5 is available for updating now!

Want a BLACK theme? This time is TRUE. #trueblacktheme

Meanwhile, we added a new white noise "Clock" to the pomo timer and let you start a pomo via 3D touch. Events from third-party calendars can show their colors too just like tasks in the calendar view!

TickTick Team
Hiya, fyi The true black theme is very buggy/unusable on my IphoneX (ios v11.3). Love the app keep the updates coming!
Hello Roger,

Could you be more specific about the buggy true black theme issue? We will look into it soon.
Hello! When all the same there will be changes on tags? !!
And while you were at it, it seems this latest update has screwed with the sync between the priority set in the list manager and the priority now showing in the today/next 7 days task list. I have arranged the way I want my tasks to show in order by so ordering the lists in the Manage Lists function and my tasks used to then display in this same order on the Today page. No longer. Please do some testing on this section of code and restore this function, as I have divided my tasks into about 12 different types and ordered them as I want them to display on the Task page to keep my priorities straight. Now my tasks display in random List order throughout the Today list.,

Could you please provide some screenshots to explain your issue to We can't seem to figure it out on our side for now.
I’m not quite sure if that’s a thing since the recent update, but looks like there’s something wrong with sync between the web app and the iOS one. Due dates do not sync: I postpone a task from one day to another in the web, and on the iPhone it stays with the same date. Force sync do not help.
@Dennis Agenorov-Papulovskiy,

Does the issue only happen with date changing? Could you try to make another action, is. create a new task, see if the sync's normal?
Here is how I tried to recreate and isolate the issue step by step. Force syncing after each step.
Create a task in web app on 25th. Due date - 25th.
Day later update it's due date in web app to 26th.
In ios stays 25th. Update notes in ios app without changing it's due date - due date gets set to 25th both in ios app and web app.
Update due date in web app to 26th and add a note. Stays 25th in ios with that new note from web app.

Another case:
Created a task in web app with due date set to 26th. Appeared in ios app with due date set to 25th.

Can it be that my time/date settings are messed up somehow? I'm confused.

Devs are still trying to find the root cause of this issue. Could you double check the time/time zone settings on both web and ios, make sure they are the same?
@oilexxxi, do you mean the time zone settings on those devices? Can’t see anything related to time/date settings in TickTick itself. It is supposed to be GMT/UTC+3 (Moscow time zone). Could it be something to do with the fact that we do not switch to summer/winter time?


You may restart your phone, see if it helps? Devs might have found the problem. They will try to fix it in future updates. Restarting shall help for now.
@oilexxxi, unfortunately restarting doesn't seem to help, neither does reinstalling the app. Either way, thanks for your assistance, hope I helped you squish a bug if there actually was one. Didn't really expect an actual dev to reply to a user of a free version. Guess I will have to get myself a pro-subscription for a few months as this seems to be the only way to actually thank you :) will keep this thread followed in case you need any more info on this problem from me.

Just a small heads up: noticed that a task I set up almost a year ago for June 1 on 9 am (wrote that down in a note to the task) is now showing up as set up on 11 am.
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