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Wunderlist Import Failure
New to TickTIck. Trying to import from Wunderlist but getting "import failed" repeatedly.

Sorry for the late reply. There were some issues with the Wunderlist importer. We will release a new version next week and hopefully, it could help with your case. Let us know if you still encounter issues with it after next week.
Having the Same issue appreciate a quick fix on this :)

Could you guys try again? We have made some changes over the weekend.
Hi there,

I've tried to import my Wunderlist export (file upload), but after ticktick redirected me to the list view at the end of the process, the todo list was empty. Can you help me with this?

Hey Laci,

Could you please tell us the format of your file, is it a CSV one? Please make sure this is not edited before importing.
As you know Wunderlist is shutting down on May 6. I am trying to import my Wunderlist data into Tick Tick but the importing keeps failing. Not being able to transfer my data seamlessly is a deal breaker for me, and I really like what I see so far with Tick Tick. Suggestions?
Hello Govind, same problem here. Microsoft ToDo sucks and actually it couldn't import it either. I hope someone write a solution here.
I can't import from wunderlist. This is going to be really irritating if we have to manually import and makes this app already frustrating.
Same problem here with the direct import. Anyone try exporting from Wunderlist first then importing that way (via backup)?
Finally got the direct import to work last night. Works well.
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