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Task activties

It would be wery usefull if the changes made in a task was logget in the task activities. Now the task activity log just say "mr x edited the content" and the date and time. if the task activity logg also listed what changes was made it would have been much more usfull. Ex: "Mr x finished subtask send mail to customer"or "Mr X edited task description "bla bla bla bla"".

Sorry for the late reply. There might be some issues exist. Please provide some screenshots with your case to We will try to help you out asap.
sent you a mail with a screenshot

sent you a new screenshot with task activities... this activity logg is no good. Would be very usefull if the subtasks completed were refered in the logg!
Any new on this issue? stil the same issue.... It would be realy usefull to have the subtask finished logged in the task activities. I will send you a new screenshot to show how bad the current function is...
ya I suggested the same but this is not a priority. Would be nice that task activity was more like a very detailed history of who changes what, etc etc etc
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